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Emerald Shadows

For generations, the Garou of the Far East have had nothing to do with their Western cousins. Now, however, the Court of the Three Treasures in Japan seeks to open diplomatic relations with the Garou Concordiat. You and your packmates will be the first to extend the hand of friendship to the mysterious shapeshifters of the East. Will you be equal to the task?

Emerald Shadows is an online Werewolf: The Apocalypse game played on Livejournal, and using the Revised Edition tabletop rules.

If you want to play, e-mail emerald.mod @ gmail.com with a Character Sheet Post as outlined in the linked entry.

UPDATE: Posting privileges for new players are FROZEN until January 2006. You can still submit a character, but won't be able to post in the IC community until then.

Please note that you MUST have an approved PC to join this community. If you want to lurk, see this post. I will NOT accept anonymous applications to join the community. Period.

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