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Thursday, October 6 - Assembly on the Miyagawa Academy main quad

On Thursday, October 6, the students and faculty of the Academy are summoned to an assembly on the main quadrangle.

As at the Beginning of Term ceremony, each division of the school has its own section; the elementary, middle and high schools seem a sea of white and blue, except for the spots of color which are the teachers' outfits.

A platform has been set up in front of Showa Hall with a podium for Chairman Okami. Also standing on the platform are three young people - a young man and woman in their late teens, and a girl who appears to be some years younger.

Chairman Okami gestures for silence, and then begins, "[I would like to present three more new students to Miyagawa. These are Skyler Reinhardt,]" (the young man), "[Diana Ravenscroft,]" (the older of the two young women) "[and Wendy Davis.]" (the younger girl) "[Skyler and Diana will be attending the University, and Wendy will be attending the Middle School. Please welcome them to Miyagawa Academy.]"
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October 5, Kansai International Airport

Rumiko Rao lounges against a wall in the International Arrivals area, tapping a foot against the floor. The skinny teenager looks at her companion, a somewhat older woman clad in a blue suit and gray blouse. "[What are we doing here, Yuki-san? I thought this was your cousin's responsibility.]"

((OOC: Rumiko is a short, skinny teenaged girl with elfin features and prominent front teeth. She wears her black hair cropped close to her head, and she has bright, inquisitive brown eyes. Right now, she's wearing a Miyagawa Academy winter uniform.))
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The afternoon of October 3, on the Miyagawa Academy campus

Laden with books and papers, Kentaro makes his way across the quadrangle toward the gate, threading his way through the groups of students coming and going from various buildings. "[Excuse me...I'm sorry...pardon me....]"

An errant breeze pulls loose one of the papers; with a startled epithet, Kentaro makes a futile grab for it and then takes off after the floating page, trying to balance his burden and retrieve the errant sheet at the same time.
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The Court of the Three Treasures

((OOC: This picks up from here.))

Deep in the forest, a row of three red torii gates stand tall and proud against the pines' deep green backdrop.

Beyond those gates is a jinja, or Shinto shrine. Around the shrine are a great many figures - humans, yes, but also animals and Fera in their middle forms. Here, a raven perches near a fox-woman clad in an elegant kimono; there, a black-furred wolf stands beside a rat-woman and a broad-shouldered Chinese man; not too far away, a woman clad in the white jacket and red hibakama trousers of a Shinto priestess stands beside a huge tiger.

Seated on the balcony of the jinja are four figures - Chairman Okami, clad in a men's kimono and hakama, and a coat with flared shoulders, embroidered at the shoulders; a broad-shouldered, muscular Chinese woman clad in ancient Chinese armor; a fox-woman with Principal Miyama's eyes, dressed in an elegant silk kimono with long sleeves and a train; and what could best be described as an Asian dragon with glittering blue-green scales and a long, sinuous body.

As the group of Americans and their Japanese escorts enters the area, a number of heads turn as the assembled beast folk regard their Western counterparts with a variety of expressions, from curiosity to excitement to hastily-concealed antipathy.
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The evening of September 17 - Miyagawa Academy dorms

((OOC: This is a set-up post for Court. Actual Court post to follow.))

With the Ohtori brothers and Saki and Tokiko in tow, Kentaro makes the rounds of the exchange students' rooms, knocking and calling each person's name.

He's traded his usual button-down shirt-and-khakis attire for a formal man's kimono and hakama (a pair of pleated pants); similar outfits are worn by the Ohtori brothers.

Saki and Tokiko are wearing elaborately decorated women's formal kimono with sleeves hanging almost to the ankles; both of them also have their hair carefully arranged. Tokiko wears a rather unique-looking hairstick of some ivory-colored substance, crowned by a deep green sphere.

When the doors are answered, Kentaro bows and says to each person in turn, "We are here to escort you to Court - the ceremony the chairman mentioned the other day." Pause. "It is a formal affair, so if you wish to change, we will wait."

Once everyone is ready, he continues, "The ceremonies will be held on the nature preserve near Lake Biwa, so we must take the train." He gestures in the general direction of the outside of the building. "If you will come with us?"
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Ten'ou Shopping Arcade, an evening prior to September 9

Ikki moves along the shopping street, glancing into stores on occasion as he passes. Despite his size, he moves through the crowds with an easy grace, his tread almost noiseless on the pavement.

A takoyaki vendor hawks his wares; at any other time, Ikki might stop to buy a few of the hot octopus balls, but this evening he politely declines and heads for one particular shop.

Nebula Chain's stereo system blares the theme from Sakura Taisen into the evening air as Ikki enters, making straight for the shelves containing the tankouban. He passes over the volumes of shonen series, instead choosing a volume adorned by a picture of a delicate-looking male with wide, soulful eyes. Once he's chosen that, he moves over to a shelf of CDs and chooses one adorned with four bishonen.

Once he has his purchases, he walks up to the counter, where a smiling young woman with a high-pitched voice rings them up, takes his payment, and then neatly wraps the CD and graphic novel, and deposits both packages in a bag marked with the store's name. Thanking her politely, Ikki makes his way back out into the shopping arcade proper, his purchases securely in hand.
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Monday, September 5 - Beginning of Term Ceremony

On the morning of September 5, everyone from the school assembles in front of Showa Hall, where a podium has been set up for the speakers. Each division has its own section; the elementary, middle and high schools seem a sea of white and blue, except for the spots of color which are the teachers' outfits.

Chairman Okami delivers a speech welcoming all the students for the Fall term and exhorting them to do their best in the coming months. Then he yields the floor to the head of the University division, Principal Miyama, and the principals of the middle and elementary schools in turn. Each of them gives a similar speech to the chairman's, tailored to their particular student body.

When the elementary school principal has finished his speech, he yields the floor to the chairman again.
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