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Somewhere close to the school, away from prying eyes, near 10:00 pm

((OOC: Anyone can jump in.))

Since the meeting, Nose-in-something felt uneasy. He tried e-mailing David about it, but then thought better of it, because not-quite-a-pack business belongs in the not-quite-a-pack. But under the other paw, David might know things about Name Breakers... or he might not.

Nose-in would think about it for a bit, and prepare for the time when he would have to face the Name Breaker... So, for the past several nights, after his homework was done, Nose-in studied... well... knights. Specifically, he studied how to fight with swords of light.

Oh, he was already good with his Sword of Light, but he wanted to be better.

So, like he did for the last several nights, after his homework was finished and his studying was done; he took his flashlight, a few DVD's and his lap-top, and snuk out into a place where (he hoped) no one would find him. So far, the only things that had seen him practice were a few stray chimera (a few of which offered pointers, both verbal and physical).

In the glow of the Sword of Light, Nose-in-something touched the gem stones surrounding the magic mirror (others see buttons on his lap top) to make the images skip to the scene he wanted. He watched very carefully how Luke fought, pausing the mirror every once in a while, to try to get the stance and the movements right before moving on.

This would be a lot easier if David was here...
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