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Welcome to Japan! (Late afternoon, 30 August 2005)

Flight 885 finally touches down at Kansai International Airport, and its passengers disembark.

After passing through Customs and other officialdom, everyone emerges into the hustle and bustle of Kansai International. Billboards hawk everything from perfume to electronics to handbags, and announcements in at least three languages blare from the public address system at intervals of about every ten minutes. The smells of perfume, food, and human perspiration mingle in the air. The sound of the crowd and their various conversations is an almost constant dull roar.

Standing in the receiving area of the concourse are three young men and two young women, all Asian, holding a large, gaily-decorated banner that reads, in English and Japanese, "MIYAGAWA SCHOOL WELCOMES EXCHANGE STUDENTS!"
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