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Tuesday, November 15, evening - Court meeting

On the evening of November 15, all of the shifters at the Miyagawa Academy are summoned to Court.

When people arrive, the Gai'nan are engaged in muted conversation with a slender Asian woman with long, flowing black hair, her neck and wrists adorned with pendants and bracelets of green and white stone. There are flowers woven into her hair, and despite the relative coolness of the night she wears only a length of fabric as a brief sarong and is barefoot.

To the keen senses of the Fera, there is something off about her; though she seems to be human at first glance, her fluid grace and self-assured demeanor indicate that she is far more than she seems.

((OOC: All characters are assumed to have received and responded to the summons. If your PC would not be attending Court, please let me know ASAP at emerald.mod AT gmail DOT com.))
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