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Evening, October 23

"That's it!"

Tossing her notebook down on her desk in a fit of frustration, causing a little avalanche of pencils and post-it notes, Lily stands and walks to the window with her arms crossed. No more for tonight, I'll catch up sometime in the morning... Mother help me I didn't realize I was so rusty when it came to school work. "Practical" learning on the road was so much more natural to me.

She opens the window and fetches something out of her backpack, a small plate, a plastic bag with a few pale white sage leaves, and a cigarette lighter. She sets the plate down on the windowsill and sets flame to one of the leaves. Best be careful, only a few of these left. After resting with one leg dangling out the window she picks up her violin and begins drawing the bow lazily across the strings, tuning the instrument. After a short while she begins a slow, circular, slightly melancholy tune.

((OOC: Four successes in Charisma Performance))
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