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The Court of the Three Treasures

((OOC: This picks up from here.))

Deep in the forest, a row of three red torii gates stand tall and proud against the pines' deep green backdrop.

Beyond those gates is a jinja, or Shinto shrine. Around the shrine are a great many figures - humans, yes, but also animals and Fera in their middle forms. Here, a raven perches near a fox-woman clad in an elegant kimono; there, a black-furred wolf stands beside a rat-woman and a broad-shouldered Chinese man; not too far away, a woman clad in the white jacket and red hibakama trousers of a Shinto priestess stands beside a huge tiger.

Seated on the balcony of the jinja are four figures - Chairman Okami, clad in a men's kimono and hakama, and a coat with flared shoulders, embroidered at the shoulders; a broad-shouldered, muscular Chinese woman clad in ancient Chinese armor; a fox-woman with Principal Miyama's eyes, dressed in an elegant silk kimono with long sleeves and a train; and what could best be described as an Asian dragon with glittering blue-green scales and a long, sinuous body.

As the group of Americans and their Japanese escorts enters the area, a number of heads turn as the assembled beast folk regard their Western counterparts with a variety of expressions, from curiosity to excitement to hastily-concealed antipathy.
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