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The evening of September 17 - Miyagawa Academy dorms

((OOC: This is a set-up post for Court. Actual Court post to follow.))

With the Ohtori brothers and Saki and Tokiko in tow, Kentaro makes the rounds of the exchange students' rooms, knocking and calling each person's name.

He's traded his usual button-down shirt-and-khakis attire for a formal man's kimono and hakama (a pair of pleated pants); similar outfits are worn by the Ohtori brothers.

Saki and Tokiko are wearing elaborately decorated women's formal kimono with sleeves hanging almost to the ankles; both of them also have their hair carefully arranged. Tokiko wears a rather unique-looking hairstick of some ivory-colored substance, crowned by a deep green sphere.

When the doors are answered, Kentaro bows and says to each person in turn, "We are here to escort you to Court - the ceremony the chairman mentioned the other day." Pause. "It is a formal affair, so if you wish to change, we will wait."

Once everyone is ready, he continues, "The ceremonies will be held on the nature preserve near Lake Biwa, so we must take the train." He gestures in the general direction of the outside of the building. "If you will come with us?"
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