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September 1, 11 am sharp - Meeting Chairman Okami

After everyone has had a chance to refresh themselves and dress (in appropriate clothing - OOC, feel free to describe what your character is wearing if you so desire), Kentaro leads the exchange students to the Showa Administration Building.

The Showa Building has a strong Gothic element in its architecture, with a high, pointed tower and narrow windows. The interior is lit by warm-colored lights, and has a great deal of wood in its construction.

As he leads the group up the stairs, he explains, "This building was constructed for the fiftieth anniversary of the reign of the Emperor Showa - you would know him as Hirohito." He directs their attention to a piece of paper with Japanese characters that hangs in a frame near the entrance. "That letter was written by Showa-tenno himself in honor of the building's dedication."

He takes the group down the hall, to a door bearing a bronze plaque etched with the legend, Okami Hikaru, Miyagawa School Chairman, and knocks lightly. "[Okami-sama...this is Inuyama Kentaro. I have brought our visitors.]"
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