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September 1, 6:00 am. Outside the dorm room.

Nose-in-something couldn't stand it any more. He had been in homid form for almost a week, with no chance of going wild! Or, at least, no chance of going lupus. Today might just be the perfect time to stretch his paws for a bit.

So, very quietly, Nose-in grabbed his gear, slipped out of his room, and outside the building. He looks around the grounds for some place deserted, and, when he finds it, he slips off his clothing and gets down on all fours. He's about to change when he remembers something: his licence and collar. He sighed, and wished he didn't promise his best friend, David, that he'd wear it... But, it would let people think he was a stray dog rather than a wolf. And it had David's number on it, so he'd be reached in case something happened. None the less, it was embarassing to wear!

With another sigh, he snapped the collar onto his neck, then started to shift into lupus form.
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