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Emerald Shadows -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Emerald Shadows

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Monday, January 9 - Beginning of Term Ceremony [09 Jan 2006|07:12am]
[ mood | excited ]

On the morning of January 9, everyone from the school assembles in the school gym, where a podium has been set up for the speakers. Each division has its own section; the elementary, middle and high schools seem a sea of white and blue, except for the spots of color which are the teachers' outfits.

Chairman Okami delivers a speech welcoming all the students for the new term and exhorting them to do their best in the coming months. Then he yields the floor to the head of the University division, Principal Miyama, and the principals of the middle and elementary schools in turn. Each of them gives a similar speech to the chairman's, tailored to their particular student body.

((OOC: Here is a chance for the new characters to introduce themselves to the established PCs.))

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An early morning in January... [09 Jan 2006|07:20pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Entering the cafeteria early, Edeyn timidly but purposefully makes her way through the door and toward any food that's NOT bread and water. **Orange juice... I really want a big bottle of orange juice**

She looks about and chooses a table to sit near where she can go back for more food. She's famished. Anyone that knows her should notice that she's lost some weight, and her hair is now quite short. She's dressed in a sweater and pants that pretty much cover everything but her face and hands

She makes her way toward the food, makes her selections, and sits. Hesitant for a moment, she then begins to eat with a gusto

((OOC: Warning in advance, folks, don't be offended OOCly by what some of her reactions will be since she's arrived back))

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