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Emerald Shadows

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Thursday, October 6 - Assembly on the Miyagawa Academy main quad [18 Oct 2005|08:12pm]
[ mood | welcoming ]

On Thursday, October 6, the students and faculty of the Academy are summoned to an assembly on the main quadrangle.

As at the Beginning of Term ceremony, each division of the school has its own section; the elementary, middle and high schools seem a sea of white and blue, except for the spots of color which are the teachers' outfits.

A platform has been set up in front of Showa Hall with a podium for Chairman Okami. Also standing on the platform are three young people - a young man and woman in their late teens, and a girl who appears to be some years younger.

Chairman Okami gestures for silence, and then begins, "[I would like to present three more new students to Miyagawa. These are Skyler Reinhardt,]" (the young man), "[Diana Ravenscroft,]" (the older of the two young women) "[and Wendy Davis.]" (the younger girl) "[Skyler and Diana will be attending the University, and Wendy will be attending the Middle School. Please welcome them to Miyagawa Academy.]"

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