September 13th, 2005


August 31, evening, under a tree on the Miyagawa School campus

Joe leans against the tree, earphones on as he casts his gaze around the campus, looking for something interesting going on.

**[What a day. Ohtori-kun couldn't make it, Chu's not around, and Miyama-sensei has it in for me. And then there was the lecture from Ojii-sama.....]** Joe flinches as he recalls his grandfather's wrath, and the tongue-lashing which followed. **[I was only trying to make things more they'd want to see a bunch of castles and shrines! There's more to see in the pachinko parlors and clubs - but just trying telling any of them that!]** He sighs, looking up at the night sky. **[I miss Miria...I wonder how she's doing in America?]**

With another sigh, he leans back against the tree as the next MP3 starts to play.

((OOC: Reference Joe's User Profile for a description. Right now, he's wearing a pair of cutoffs, a Gatchaman T-shirt, and sneakers.))
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