August 29th, 2005

Emerald Mod

Japan Air Lines Flight 885, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean

The "Fasten Seat Belts" sign goes off as the jumbo jet reaches its cruising altitude, and smiling Japanese flight attendants in crisp blue uniforms begin to make their way up and down the aisles taking beverage orders (soft drinks, water, and juice; no alcohol).

The seats are arranged in three rows of three seats each, with aisles between them. Each seat has a socket for the entertainment headset, a volume control, and a call button for the flight attendant in the arm. A copy of Wings, the JAL in-flight magazine, sits in each seat pocket (along with in-flight movie and music listings, it also has a number of articles on Japanese culture, from both an American and a Japanese perspective), along with a laminated card detailing the emergency information (the location of the exits, how to put on oxygen masks and life preservers, and so on) that was covered in a film shortly after takeoff.

The magazine indicates that the in-flight movie is Star Wars Episode III (offered either in the orginal English or dubbed into Japanese), and that there are classical, popular, Japanese, and New Age music programs.

The captain informs the passengers in both English and Japanese that dinner and breakfast will be served on this flight; there is a choice between broiled chicken with vegetables or chicken curry over rice for dinner (both include beverage and dessert), and the breakfast offerings are either a continental breakfast or a Japanese one.

((OOC: Have fun, folks!))