maya_garou (maya_garou) wrote in emeraldshadows,

Maya's dorm room: The end of the school year

With a groan, Maya stretches her arms and arches her back. "Gods, I hate packing," she says to herself, amazed at how much stuff she's managed to accumulate over the course of the year. Four piles sit on her bed: one pile of textbooks she doesn't want to keep, one pile of textbooks she does want to keep (including her elementary Japanese books and Japanese-English dictionary), one pile of clothing to pack and one pile to give away or throw away.

The door is ajar, and the sounds of Strange Boutique's "And Then She Was Healed" emanate at a slightly lower-than-usual volume from the room. Singing along to the lyrics of the song ("about a lonely werewolf," according to the lead singer of the band), Maya throws an empty Pocky box into the trash can and gets back to sorting her stuff.

Over the course of the year, Maya has let her hair grow out. The bangs of her Mohawk have been transformed into colorful, beaded braids dangling at the sides of her head, while the top of her head is shaved to dandelion-fuzz length.
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