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Somewhere close to the school, away from prying eyes, near 10:00 pm

((OOC: Anyone can jump in.))

Since the meeting, Nose-in-something felt uneasy. He tried e-mailing David about it, but then thought better of it, because not-quite-a-pack business belongs in the not-quite-a-pack. But under the other paw, David might know things about Name Breakers... or he might not.

Nose-in would think about it for a bit, and prepare for the time when he would have to face the Name Breaker... So, for the past several nights, after his homework was done, Nose-in studied... well... knights. Specifically, he studied how to fight with swords of light.

Oh, he was already good with his Sword of Light, but he wanted to be better.

So, like he did for the last several nights, after his homework was finished and his studying was done; he took his flashlight, a few DVD's and his lap-top, and snuk out into a place where (he hoped) no one would find him. So far, the only things that had seen him practice were a few stray chimera (a few of which offered pointers, both verbal and physical).

In the glow of the Sword of Light, Nose-in-something touched the gem stones surrounding the magic mirror (others see buttons on his lap top) to make the images skip to the scene he wanted. He watched very carefully how Luke fought, pausing the mirror every once in a while, to try to get the stance and the movements right before moving on.

This would be a lot easier if David was here...
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A familiar face wanders in from another loney part of the countryside, she carries a squirming mouse carefully by the tail. She gives her fellow classmate a skeptical look. "What are you doing out here?"
Nose-in's back was towards Lilly when she found him, so when she called out, he nearly jumped out of his skin. He also dropped his Sword of Light. With a flicker, the flashlight went out. Gone were the towering trees and willow-the-wisps who were so apparent when he held the sword. Only the mirror remained, and that was a simple computer screen.

Nose-in wirlled around, and dropped into a defensive stance that he saw people do in martial arts movies. Then he calmed down when he saw who it was.

"Ummm... uh... I'm... um..."

A blaster sound came from his computer screen. Seizing the blast of inspiration that came from the movie, Nose-in seized his computer screen.

"Movie night," he said, pointing to the Battle of Endore.
She cocks her head to the side. "Isn't this a bit far out of the way to be playing video games?" She begins looking around the underbrush for something. "I can understand the need to get out once in a while, though. Nerves, uncertainty, finals..."
Nose-in began to walk towards where he hoped his flash light was.

"Right! Finals! Right. Very much nervous. Should really be studying until my brains melt, like in the Junior Rockey Horror Picture Show t.v. show. Right. Not worrying or practicing at all for Name Breaker stuff. Nope nope nope. Just finals. Yep yep yep yep yep yep."
Kentaro makes his way across the campus, a bag bulging with books and papers slung over his shoulder and the collar of his winter coat pulled up around his face against the chill. Spotting Nos-in and Lily, he stops and gives them a slight bow. "Marhime-kohai...St. Clair-kohai...konbanwa - good evening."
"Kentaro-kohai!" Noseinsomething says, sounding slightly relieved at the distraction. He bows deeper than he should and takes a glance to see where his flash[sword_of]light went to. "Konbanwa." He unbows. ["How are you this very fine evening?"] he asks in Japanese.
Kentaro flashes the other two Garou a smile, but without showing his teeth. "[It would be 'Kentaro-sempai,']" he corrects gently. "[Or 'Kentaro-kun,' in private.]" He pauses to readjust his bag. "[And I am all right...though tired from trying to get Jotaro-kun to learn the story of the siege of Osaka Castle.]" A sigh. "[If he paid as much attention in class as he did to those Playstation games....]"
((OOC: Sorry. Nose-in-something would usually use the proper title, but the player was a bit too tired/lazy/nearly-falling-asleep to look up the right one. I guess, in this case, Nose-in was more worried about his Treasure/Fettish than decorum.))

Nose-in-something blushed (which is something no one has seen him do yet) and seemed to shrink into himself. How could he have forgotten something as basic as the right name? "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry," he said during the pause.

"[And I am all right...though tired from trying to get Jotaro-kun to learn the story of the siege of Osaka Castle.]" A sigh. "[If he paid as much attention in class as he did to those Playstation games....]"

"Oh! I can h..." Nose-in stops. ["I mean, I would be honoured to help Jotaro-sempai*, if I can. I have studied the seige in my history class, and thought it would make a wonderful story. And so, with the help of my friend David, I made this."]

Nose-in turns off the movie, and loads up a well-drawn comic page. It's (supposedly) the first of 56 pages.

Looking at the entire comic, Kentaro will find that the story is historically accurate (although, with a bit more action than there probably should be). The art work is spell-bindly beautiful and detailed, but isn't historically accurate at all! Rather than traditional armor, both armies are wearing armor with fey (both Eastern and Western Changeling) motifs. Further more, Nose-in-something managed to weave in a local Changeing-Breed story as a sub-plot that happened around the same time, and close to the same area. He keept the Changeing-Breed characters human, but the motifs on their clothing and armor reflected the their animal forms.

Nose-in looks expectantly at Kentaro. ["Unfortunately, it is not quite finished yet, but it might be able to help."]

((OOC:* I need to run of to church. Can we assume Nose-in used the right title this time?))
((First roll - 5, 9, 4, 6, 6, 6, 8; 5 successes!

Second roll - 2, 3, 3, 10, 10; 2 successes, + 10, 4, 7, 10, 2, 9, 4; 4 successes. So, both are phenomenal successes!))
((Wow... Thanks. I can't wait to see how this plays out in the game!))
Kentaro flips carefully through the comic, his eyes going wide behind his glasses. "This is most impressive, St. Clair-kun. It seems as if I was right there." He flashes the other Garou a grin. "Have you ever considered drawing manga on a long-term basis?"
Nose-in shakes his head, no.

["I regret to say, Kentaro-sempai, that I have only the barest skill in drawing. I was able to sketch the outline and actions, but the fine detail was created by my best friend, David."] Nose-in knows that he is not using an honorific for David, and what that means. ["However, I re-wrote the stories and created the story board."]

Nose-in grins. ["It is our hope to start an anime series."]
As the two male garou banter Lily digs her heel into the cold grownd and chews her lip, seemingly lost in angry thoughts.
Nose-in, as per usual, is slightly oblivious to Lily's lack of interaction. That is, he's aware that she isn't talking, but not the reason why. He looks like he is a bundle of nervous energy, waiting to explode.

((OOC: Lily can take a look at the comic too.))
Her lip curls back. "That is a very good likeness, brother." She blurts out, "But I cannot concentrate on classes when there has been an attack on campus. I fear we are all in danger..."
"What?!" Nosein nearly fumbles his computer.

Then he says in rapid fire "Whowherewhatwhenwhywhoyouwantmekill?"

In spite of his... lack of tact... he does look concerned, but not for himself.

Then, with a look of concern that does include him, he whispers "Namebreaker?"
"I don't know, someone who can keep us from our born-to forms... which for you, Nose, wouldn't be too much of an impediment. It sounds like naming magick to me. All I know is they hurt someone I care for, and when I find them I'll rip them from limb to shining limb."
For a moment, Nose-in looks hurt. "I fight good with claws." Then he gets his "wondering" face on, reaches a decision, and says "But I fight better with Fairy Treasure."
This prompts a doubletake. "Wha?"
Nose-in nods. After all, he thought he was being perfectly clear.
"Good evening to you, as well." She denies calling him by his name and honorific, and she has a strange flinty look in her eyes.
((Replying here so things don't get too squished))

It takes a moment for Kentaro to process the transition between looking at Nose-in's comic and what Lily's saying, but once he gets it, his eyes narrow and his voice takes on a growling quality.

"What happened?" he demands. "Who did it? How long ago?" His Rage is obviously bubbling to the surface; his hands clench and unclench into fists at his sides. "We need to rally the Court - if anyone has hurt one of ours, they will pay dearly."
"A few days ago I think, she hasn't been able to tell me the details. All I know is she was assaulted and whoever it was trapped her in her born-to form. I don't know what these 'name-breakers' can do but..." She grits her teeth restlessly.
Kentaro swears viciously in Kyoto dialect. "[This will not be borne. We will find who did this and make them pay for it, if we have to search from here to Hokkaido!]"
"We should make waves and rock the boat?" Nose-in asked.