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December 7 - Early Evening on Campus

In the penumbra Lily sits patently, in human form, on the broad concrete railing at the stairs of one of the administrative buildings. Outside overlooking a broad courtyard she scans the horizon, taking note of the spirits traveling about and pausing every now and then to admire the colors of the sunset. She idly fingers the pendants hanging from the gold necklace at her throat and waits.
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A crow-spirit flutters down and regards Lily with a cocked head and a curious expression.
The young garou streightens her posture bows, respectfully, to the spirit.
:Hello, cunning scavenger. Have you come by some good meals lately?:
The spirit inclines its head in return. :My greetings to you, Wolf's Daughter. I have feasted well this evening; one of the metal Weaver-things left a squirrel in its wake earlier - it was quite delicious.: It looks curiously at Lily with bright eyes. :You are not Hakken, are you? From whence did you come?:
:Indeed, I am not Hakken. I am a daughter of Owl, one who was a protector of ancient Khem but now wanders like migrating bird who cannot see the sun. I have come here for a short time only, for it is not my home, but I wish to protect it from Wyrm-things and bad Weaver-things alike. May I ask of your wisdom and keen eyes? Would it be rude to ask if you have seen anything suspicious?:
The spirit cocks its head again. :Suspicious, you say?: It gets an expression akin to contemplation - rather incongruous on a bird's face - and seems to think for a minute or two. :I saw a Wolf mate with a Fox two nights before this,: it says, blinking. :That was strange, but not 'suspicious.': A pause. :There was another Wolf watching them, though - he used the Weaver-thing that freezes things in time. Would that be 'suspicious?':
"That would be... yes, suspitious. Such strange attractions some people have don't you think? Tell me, have you seen any of Owl's kin about?"